There are facilities for all types of games and sports including indoor games. Special Trainers are appointed for GYM and YOGA and other games like Tennis, Volley ball, Cricket, Shuttle Badminton etc.
The Indoor Stadium has the following facilities:

  1. Total Area: 3619 Sq.M.
  2.   A Modern Gymnasium for (separate for) both Boys and Girls

  Four Badminton Courts (Wooden):

  1. One Basket Ball Court .
  2. Facilities for Indoor Games like Carroms, Chess etc.
  3. Space for Cultural Activities, Recreation Center , Hobby Center , and

 Dramatics. (Separate facilities for boys and girls):

  1. Guest rooms for visiting athletes and participants.
  2. Facilities for Yoga and Meditation.

  The Out Door Facilities:

    Athletic Track:
    • Facilities for field events like Javelin Throw, Shot-Put, Hammer         Throw, Discus Throw and jumps etc.
    • Cricket Field.
    • Volley Ball Court .
    • Tennikoit .
    •  Kabaddi Court .